Meet Dani

Congratulations on taking another step in your journey and joining me on mine! “My name is Dani…like a boy” which is how I’ve always explained my name when noticing the puzzled look of a stranger. I’ve grown to love it though because it is all mine. It is not short for anything…”just Dani” I often say. My name does not have any complex meaning, but it is mine and it will always be part of the depth of who I am.

I am a deep thinking person always intentionally considering all of life’s possible options and outcomes. I am deeply in love with the most gracious God who has combined my deepest failures with His greatest victories to make up the person I look at each day in the mirror. I am an imperfect mess loved by a perfect Savior. I have made a lot of decisions in my life but none that can compare to marrying my guitar playing, song singing, hardworking, hunk of a husband. He is the fire that spurs me on to new adventures and the cool familiar embrace that allows my mind and spirit to rest. He is the greatest gift God has ever granted me. I am a mommy in the making, carrying the love of an unborn child in my womb and seeing my stomach stretch with the love that my heart cannot begin to hold. I am a daughter, sister, friend, teacher, singer, housekeeper, writer, quiet thinker, silly dancer, wanderer, worshipper, lover of nature, slow walker, deep breather, hugger, emotional crier, loud laugher, and all around mess!

I’ve never really considered myself adventurous or courageous but I am certainly on a journey, one that can sometimes feel daunting. My journey, perhaps similar to yours, is to become all that God has destined for me to be and to enjoy every step along the path. The journey is simple really but quite uncertain, which perplexes the quite small capacity of my mind. My journey is made up of single steps, some leg stretching large steps and some tiptoe tiny steps, but single steps nonetheless.  I have learned that there is no other way to journey than to do so one step at a time.

Pardon me for being rude, I didn’t catch your name. I can bet that you’re a voyager much like me and I’m glad that you’ve stopped by. I hope that you stay awhile and make yourself at home while you’re here. Hopefully you will return frequently along your path and we can enjoy life’s journey alongside one another.



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