From Mother to Child

Mothers are truly the unsung heroes of the world. They don’t bust down doors in capes or masks but that kiss busted knees and help people take off masks so that they can truly be seen. Mothers may not daily toss kids in the air or run races in the backyard but every day they pick up tossed aside socks and race all over town with a car full of kids. Moms quite often do the work that no one else wants to do. Moms busy themselves with sacrificing themselves for the betterment of their families. Moms play a role in the world that no one else can fill.

On Mother’s Day I think that all Mother’s just want to be able to look back on the year and know that they were good at something. All moms want to know that the time they spent making lunches, tying shoes, reading stories, washing hands, kissing cheeks, and saying prayers accomplished something in the world. I believe on Mother’s Day that moms just want to tell their kids that they’re working hard to figure out what it means to be a mom and how to get it “right” even when we get it wrong. I believe that all moms want to be able to say something like this to their kids:


Dear Precious Child of Mine,

I have carried you in my heart and on my hip your entire life and though I grow weary at times, I never tire of being your Mama.

I often tire of making lunches but I never tire of feeding your soul. I get tired of folding clothes but never tire of teaching you how to be clothed in righteousness. I tire of middle of the night tears but never tire of rocking you in my arms. I tire of trips to the grocery store but never tire of holding your hand as we cross the parking lot. I get tired with the tasks but never am I tired of you.

There are days where I say the wrong things, where I live fast, and wish more than I watch. On those days, the touch of your hand to my cheek always helps me slow enough to see what really matters. You, little one, help me slow down enough to apologize for misspoken words and aim to speak with more love. You, little one, help me slow down enough to notice the bird in the sky or the frog on the sidewalk. You, little one, help me slow down enough to remember that YOU are my wish come true and I should spend my time watching you. You help me live and you help me forgive…. mostly forgiving myself.

You help me see that grace is needed to walk out the days before me.

You help me know that tasks lead to moments of connection which is really what I want as your mother. I want to connect with you in the quiet places of life and love you well. I want to meet you in your joys and in your sorrows so that I can tend to your heart. I want to sit alongside you without words and know that our hearts are beating in the same unrushed rhythm. I want to hear your feet following in my footsteps but moving at your own pace. I want to gaze upon you as you learn and witness the ideas that are birthed from your curiosity. I want to connect my life to your life at every possible moment because you are part of the legacy I leave behind and I want to leave you well equipped in this world.

So lean in close and listen to these words so that you can hear my heart:

Little hands- work hard and find reward but play often to find your smile

Little feet- walk slow enough to see closely the world around you but quick enough to impact it

Little eyes- see the best in the world and look up to witness the miracles around you

Little ears- listen to the songs of the birds and the crash of the waves

Little voice- speak kindness and wisdom to reflect the inner working of your soul

Little heart- love big, life is not a dress rehearsal

Oh, precious child of mine, although I desire to be the best mom in the world all that really matters is that I’m the best mom in your world. So, love me today in spite of my failures because today I woke up loving you more than I ever imagined I could and I’m doing the best that I know how.

Loving you forever,

Your Mama

PS- To the Mother’s reading this, remember to give yourselves grace for each new day. You are walking in the footsteps of the millions of mother’s who have gone before you. You are not alone in this journey and we all need each other.





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