Waking Up Flawless

I am not a morning person. I do enjoy waking up  because I enjoy being alive, but mornings are my least favorite time of day. When I wake up, the first thing I do is thank God for another day; well, that actually comes after snoozing the alarm for a solid thirty minutes but I do thank Him for being awake and alive after that. I pull myself slowly out of the bed and drag my feet towards the bathroom with eyes still mostly closed. When I was younger I used to wonder why my mom moaned and groaned so much in the morning……but, now I know.  Now I know…mornings are wretched for some of us!

Mornings are not a pretty sight around our house. At first glance in the mirror I resemble something slightly run over by a truck or mangled by a large beastly animal. My pants are usually twisted half way around my body and at some point during the night, I lost a sock. My hair is squished to the right side of my head and sometimes even stuck to my forehead. The hairspray from the day before has ensured that my hair stay in this unkept position until being washed out which happens much later in my morning routine. I fumble to the sink and brush my teeth as I attempt to keep my eyes open in the excruciatingly bright bathroom light. The dog begins to whimper from the other end of the house and I often let her out with toothbrush still in hand.  My husband’s four sizes too big slippers are far more cozy in the morning than my own, so I drag those down the hall as I tromp like a clumsy mess towards the back door. The world is awake outside but I am definitely still asleep here on the inside of my world….where all I really want to do is climb back in the bed. I gather myself together enough to shower, sometimes forgetting to condition my hair or shave my legs because it is simply too early to remember everything. As I shower, I decide how I will fix my hair depending on how much energy and time I have remaining. I style my hair, put on a “5 minute face” worth of makeup, and dress for the day very…very quietly. We have a rule in our house: don’t engage with me in the morning unless I first engage with you. Also, don’t ask me questions in the morning….just don’t do it. These guidelines keeps us all happy and safe from the morning wrath that I have been known to cause on my less than perfect days. My morning routine is a mess of a pattern that I have learned to execute beautifully with the fewest number of casualties possible.

So yes, mornings are not my brightest moments which is why I literally laughed out loud when my long time girlfriend gave me this coffee cup for Christmas. The cup says “Today I woke up FLAWLESS” which is the most hilarious thought I can imagine when looking at myself in the mirror first thing in the morning. FLAWLESS….who wakes up flawless? I mean come on, we all resemble the mess I just mentioned at some point in the day and mine just happens to be the morning. Maybe your roughest time of day comes at night when you are exhausted and fumbling for your night time toothbrush or in the late afternoon when you ate too much for lunch and you are now craving a peaceful nap for dessert. But regardless, I think it is safe to say that very few of us possessing an ounce of honesty paired with even the slightest humility would say “Yes, today is the day that I woke up FLAWLESS.” I carry this cup into work with me sometimes and it sits on my desk throughout the day. I often wonder who reads it and what they think about it when they do. Do they think that I really believe that? Do they believe that? Surely not, but who knows. I have laughed about this coffee cup and thought about it’s wording more than any other coffee cup I’ve ever owned. Which has me thinking…..does anyone wake up FLAWLESS?

I think that word FLAWLESS has become associated with so many different perspectives, brands, images, products, and gimmicks in our culture that we have lost an understanding for what it really means. The word is defined as “having no defect or faults, especially none that diminish the value of something.” So the actual definition has nothing to do with FLAWLESS skin void of any wrinkles or FLAWLESS hair that is perfectly moisturized and easily styled or FLAWLESS legs without an ounce of cellulite or a FLAWLESS  hair color since grey is totally not allowed or FLAWLESS style that everyone wants to mimic or the FLAWLESS car that will land you anyone of the opposite sex or a FLAWLESS career or a FLAWLESS bank account or a FLAWLESS reputation. All of these things: skin, hair, legs, hair color, make up, fashion sense, cars, jobs, money, reputation, etc. have been determined to be among the most important ideas and therefore we have deemed them the most valuable. If they are valuable then they must be FLAWLESS in order to retain the value that we assign them.

So, does that mean that you and I have to be FLAWLESS in order to be deemed valuable or to retain our given value? No, it doesn’t. Thank goodness!

Our value is not determined by our level of FLAWLESSNESS, which is actually impossible, but rather it is determined by the FLAWLESSNESS of Jesus. I wake up a mess, I spend the day as a mess, I go to bed a mess, and I spend the night as a mess. I’m just a downright falling apart at the hinges mess all of the time. If my level of perfection determines my value then I’m worth about a penny….or less. But my level of perfection does not determine my value; rather, my value is determined by the price that Jesus was willing to pay for me. Jesus was perfect, is perfect, and will always be perfect. He alone is FLAWLESS! He lived a perfect life, died a brutal death, conquered hell, and overcame the power of the grave to make me FLAWLESS. He paid for me because He determines my worth and He says I am worth it all. In his perfect love He came after me to rescue me from myself and the mess that He knew I would be. He pursues me every day and night in the midst of my mess, He calls my name up out of the darkness, and He accepts me and saves me from myself. He is in me. I am born again in Him, made new in His name, and I carry His spirit with me everywhere I go. So, even though I spend my days and nights as a mess I can be seen as FLAWLESS in Him. I AM FLAWLESS IN HIM! I am not flawless by my own choices or by my own right but I AM FLAWLESS IN HIM and in Him alone!

I can sport my trendy coffee cup with a gracious smile, a humble spirit, and a head full of crazy morning hair because I know that through the power of Jesus “Today, I woke up FLAWLESS!”



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